TrueArt's Modeling Pack is bundle of the all LightWave's Modeler tools written by us in the last 10 years at flat attractive price. Purchasing each of them alone costs more than 1200 USD.

Currently it includes modern commercial toolset such as (35+ plugins):

  • BookGenerator creates realistic looking books for shelves and libraries. It should be especially interesting to archviz interior artists.

  • EasyMesh the easiest possible mesh creating and editing. Especially interesting to edge-extending people.

  • EasyRetopology the easiest imaginable retopology tool.

  • EasySpline cutting-edge NURBS modeler that visualizes geometry generated by spline cages at impressive OpenGL speed, many times faster than native Modeler!

  • EasySplit the easiest possible organic modeling polygon splitter useful for box-modeling and edge-extending.

  • PartsToLayers is splitting object to separate layers containing polygons with only one part. New layers are renamed to part name. Full HD video

  • Push projects elements from foreground layer to background layer with optional sliding them on geometry.

  • RenameVertexMaps batch rename the all types of vertex maps.
    It should be the most useful for characters animating artists working with imported characters from 3rd party sources. It will save hours spend on manual rename of morph maps. Full HD video

  • RevealLayers is revealing layers of selected polygons in multi-layer objects.
    Reveal FG Layers is turning all fg layers to bg layers, except the layers which contain selected polygons.
    Reveal BG Layers is turning all fg layers which contains selected polygons to bg layers.
    The rest fg and bg remain the same.
    It's very useful when you have many layers, don't know, or remember object structure (which is quite easy to forget when object has >20 layers). Full HD video

  • SelectionPresetManager very useful toolset for managing selection presets. Full HD video

  • ShowUnmappedWeights shows which points are unmapped in real-time in viewports. It's useful with various 3rd party game engines and applications. Full HD video

  • ShowWeights show point weight and edge weight in real-time in viewports. Full HD video

  • SprayBgPoints interactive tool for spraying points snapped to background layer. Full HD video

  • SurfacePicker interactive tool activating surface in Surface Editor clicked in Layout viewport.

  • SurfacesToLayers is splitting object to separate layers containing polygons with only one surface. New layers are renamed to surface name. Full HD video

  • SwiftEdgeLoop the quickest possible interactive tool for creating new edge loops, or sliding selected edge loop. It has option to slide also single edge. Full HD video

  • TrueBump transfering bump mapping to geometry and displacements painted directly in Modeler.

  • TrueLoad object and scenes loading manager with ultra fast animated OpenGL preview. Full HD video

  • UnMultishift is non-interactive tool to discard modifications made by Multishift, Bevel or Magic Bevel tools. It's useful when you're not happy with beveling of wall, floor or bricks and want to use different offset and size.
    Full HD video

  • VirtualMirror symmetry replacement that does real-time instances during your work. Works parallel to Modeler.

  • VMapManager vertex map baker/saver with ability to load VMaps from/to regular images.

    It adds following tools to Modeler:
    VMapManager, Load VMap Image, Save VMap Image, Save UV Map Image.

  • VMapProcessor interactive tool to do any imaginable processing of vertex map.

  • WeightPolygonGroups interactive weight map adjusting, randomization of weight map for points and connected polygon groups. Full HD video

  • Wrinkle interactive point and edge beveling tool with built-in shape preset system. Full HD video

Additional tools (12+ plugins):

  • Adjust Sharpness interactive LightWave v9 Catmull-Clark edge weighting adjusting tool.
  • Align Items Layout non-interactive tool to align items position, rotation or scale, or all at the same time.
  • TrueArt's Bezier native Bezier and B-Spline polygon type that turns EasySpline into NURBS modeler.
  • CameraSelectorBaker is tool for baking multiple cameras to one final keyframed camera. It is useful to network rendering or other 3D applications. Full HD video

  • Collect Images copy the all loaded images to one folder.
  • Delete Unused Surfaces
  • DuplicateObject is creating new object and copying to it all layers one by one, retaining their names. Full HD video

  • Environment Baking Camera tool to quickly generate environment maps. Useful for reducing frame render time in tight deadline. Full HD video

  • Flush Parts
  • Flush Selection Sets
  • LoadBackupObject is tool to quickly load backup of object.
  • PartsToWeights is tool to converting parts to weight maps.
  • Plane interactive tool for creating plane that's specially optimized for TrueBump that more nicely displaces than regular quad polygon.
  • Quantize
  • RotatePath is Layout interactive tool to rotate path (key-frames) of currently selected items. Full HD video

  • SaveObjectCopyAs is saving object under different name without changing scene item.

  • SaveSceneAndAllObjects
  • SaveSceneAtFrameZero
  • SelectPolygonsWithImproperEdge
  • TrueSelect is plugin extending selection toolset. It has a few new commands Select Connected Surface, Select Connected Part, Expand Surface and Expand Part. Full HD video.
  • True Fillet LightWave v9 compatible, compiled as plugin and completely interactive Jetto Fillet replacement.

Legacy commercial tools (4 plugins):

  • ImageForm generate object from front, right and top images, painted or photos.
  • ImageSeqForm generate object from front and top images, and right image sequence, painted or photos.
  • FormEditor fameous Imagine form editor ported to LightWave with much better capabilities.
  • GenerateEndomorphs morph converter between relative to absolute and vice versa. It can generate interpolated linear or non-linear morphs between 2 or 3 source morphs.

Legacy Layout commercial tools (7 plugins):

  • MatteBySurface
  • MorphController Morph Mixer displacement equivalent that instead of sliders uses NULL items for controlling intensity of morphing.
  • RenderSplitter split scene into several scenes ready for rendering with properly set limited region rendering.
  • Waves displacement creating animatable waves on object's surface. Working in the all axes.

Changes made in the 1.7 (19-Jun-2010)

  • Added VMapProcessor.

Changes made in the 1.6 (20-Jan-2010)

  • Added SprayBgPoints.

Changes made in the 1.5 (20-Nov-2007)

  • Added EasyMesh.
  • Added SurfacePicker.
  • Added SwiftEdgeLoop.

Changes made in the 1.0 (6-Dec-2006)

  • The first official Windows & Macintosh release.

Minimum Windows Requirements

  • LightWave v8+
  • Pentium or better
  • Windows 32 bit

Recommended Windows Requirements

  • LightWave v11.0+
  • x86 compatible CPU 3.0 GHz or better

Minimum Macintosh Requirements

  • LightWave v8+
  • PowerPC or better
  • MacOS X

Recommended Macintosh Requirements

  • LightWave v11.0+
  • x86 compatible CPU 3.0 GHz or better

Installing the product

In order to install the program, please extract the archive to some location on your hard disk.

On Windows ®, the archive is in the ZIP format. You will need 3rd party software such as WinZIP, which you can download from (it's not included in the package), or other compatible software to decompress the archive.

Windows XP ® has built-in ZIP support (simply right click on the archive�s icon, and choose �Extract all files...�).

On Macintosh ®, the archive is in the SIT format. You will need 3rd party software such as StuffIt, which you can download from (it's not included in the package), or compatible software to decompress the archive.

The LightWave ® plugin does not require files to be in specific locations, which is a very nice feature. But for easier file management it is recommended that the plugin files (i.e. those with .p extension) be copied to your LightWave ® plugins folder (f.e. LightWave\Plugins\).

Installing LightWave ® Modeler Plugins

Run the LightWave ® Modeler executable. Select pop-down menu Modeler > Utilities > Add Plugins..., then choose the folder containing the new plugins and select them. You should see a message from LightWave that the plugins have been added successfully. The changes will be saved to your configuration file when you quit the program.

Click on the image to see it at full resolution.

Uninstalling the product

Uninstalling LightWave ® Modeler Plugins

Run the LightWave ® Modeler executable. Select pop-down menu Modeler > Utilities > Edit Plugins..., then select the plugin files and press the Delete button. The changes will be saved to your configuration file when you quit the program. Now you can safely remove the files from your hard disk.

Click on the image to see it at full resolution.


The price for a single license (product installed on the one machine) is 300 USD (United States Dollars).

On-line ordering

This is the preferred ordering method. It has several advantages:

  • Easy. You just need to type your personal and credit card details into the order form, and you will receive your goods within max. 48 hours.
  • Fast. Usually, you will receive the purchased products within an hour (depending on the time difference between where you live, and the hours we are working)!
  • Safe. You are sure your order won�t be stolen in transit, or held up by postal strikes etc.